Who We Are

To thrive in today’s marketplace, regardless of your business, you need to operate on the online platform. Integrating with the latest digital resources is becoming as integral to today’s business communications as the ability to read and write. A company that ignores this massive shift or fails to keep up with its constant evolution runs the risk of quickly becoming obsolete.

We here at GlocalSpace are explorers. We Venture into uncharted territories and bring you back The Next Big Thing.

What today’s businesses need more than anything else is a hassle-free way to access and navigate through this new and ever-changing world. That’s where GlocalSpace comes in.

GlocalSpace is a high-end boutique software house specializing in online platforms. Located in the heart of the Annex, GlocalSpace is at the center of Toronto’s youth culture scene, always at the cusp of innovation.

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Glocal Space

124 Spadina Rd Toronto, ON M5R 2T8

P 1.800.733.4020E info@glocalspace.com

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