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GlocalSpace is an environment that is constantly in motion. We grow and change faster than the industry and are always on top of the next big thing. We don’t do one thing, we do everything. And we expect the same of our team.

Working at GlocalSpace, you will experience the latest trends and technologies the world has to offer. By working on exciting projects such as LumosPOS, Jupiturf, IntelliBeacon and HAADIP, you will be exposed to revolutionary concepts such as The Internet of Things, Graph Engines and Big Data, and will help turn the vision of industry greats such as Kevin Kelly and Tim Berners-Lee into reality.

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At GlocalSpace, we seek creativity, innovation and excellence. Our startup environment is informal and collaborative, allowing young professionals to work with and learn from established seniors. Such direct exposure is rare in the creative world and will give you years of work experience in a matter of months.

Change should be part of your culture.

Farid Ravaei

GlocalSpace Founder and CEO

GlocalSpace Offers

GlocalSpace is an environment that is constantly in motion.

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Wear what you like

We hired you for your quality and commitment, not your clothes.

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Be a trendsetter

Learn and work with the latest tech trends before everyone else.

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Work with the best

From top executives and stockholders to master engineers, GlocalSpace works with the best of the best. Join the company and build your network.

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Jump the ladder

Use GlocalSpace’s flexible company structure to sidestep corporate hierarchy and reach a senior position in a short time.

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Travel for business

GlocalSpace is an international business with clients from around the globe. Join the Team and start packing for Miami (or wherever business takes you)!

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Set your own schedule

Whether you want to work from home, or take some time off to focus on your own projects, GlocalSpace will provide the enviroment you need to thrive!

Join us at the forefront of the
third industrial revolution.